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Independent Engineering and Consulting company

DELTA Engineering and Consulting LLC

Providing complex services and solutions for Mining & Metallurgy

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Implementing projects as a part of multinational teams we have mastered the best practices

About us

Experience and knowledge of our experts have been obtained while being a part of the world’s largest international engineering company for more than 20 years operations in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries.

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We provide a high level of expertise and proficiency, develop and implement solutions that meet today’s safety requirements

Our Clients value us for our comprehensive approach to solving engineering and technological issues and challenges, and ability to find and develop optimal safe, innovative and sustainable solutions.

01 Engineering
02 Consulting
03 Digital Modelling


  • Design documentation
  • Detailed Design documentation
  • Project Management and Designer’s Supervision
  • Owner’s Engineer Services
  • Scoping Study
  • Process equipment import substitution
  • Value Engineering
  • BIM Modelling
  • Main Engineering Solutions and Basic Engineering
  • Digital Modelling
  • Feasibility Study and Bank Feasibility Study
  • Non-standard equipment design&supply
  • Assistance in getting approvals of the State Expert Review of design documentation, engineering results and adopted engineering solutions


  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical and Technological Audits
  • CAPEX and OPEX optimization
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial and economic modelling
  • Multidimensional optimization of technological processes and roadmaps for business development

Digital Modelling

DELTA pays a lot of attention to digital modelling as a separate discipline. These services imply use of proven software tools to design new equipment, developing solutions for  issues with the installed process equipment.

Digital modelling of processes and equipment can be applied both for simple (e.g., tanks) and technically complex equipment (e.g., fluidized bed furnaces).

DELTA's digital modelling experts develop solutions for such issues as vessel scaling with insoluble residues, ensuring perfect mixing of solutions (homogenization of solutions fed into reactor/tank in terms of composition, temperatures, etc.).

We create innovative solutions

We create innovative solutions



Our project portfolio includes over 450 projects for which we have provided innovative solutions designed for the unique requirements of each project



Highly skilled technical experts with a good track record of implementing projects globally including work in international engineering companies and industrial sites of partners


years of experience

Use of advanced methods of design and engineering management, procurement procedures, construction management by applying international and Russian practices


Our team has completed over 450 projects in Russia and CIS and continues to work for major Clients in industry.


We ensure a high level of knowledge and expertise, develop and implement solutions that meet advanced requirements of safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Our projects

Build your career with us

Build your career with us


Achieving our clients’ strategic and ambitious goals


DELTA Engineering and Consulting LLC is a member of a self-regulatory organization Interregional Association of Special Construction Design Companies with the highest responsibility level and is authorized to develop design of capital construction projects, including especially hazardous and technically challenging ones.

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